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May 1, 2012

Hello there. I'd say welcome back, but Carload is the one that went away for awhile.

The short version is that is back with weekly updates of Colorado drive-in movie listings. Feel free to check in every week to see where to go for a great time under the stars.

Now the long version. 15 years ago, I found myself in another state where my apartment was at least three hours away from any drive-in. No drive-ins had web sites. Back then, long-distance phone calls cost real money, but that was the only way for me to find out whether the movie that weekend was worth the drive.

When I moved to Colorado, I started to fix this problem and promote drive-ins in general. There were 12 Colorado drive-ins for the first seven years of Carload's existance, but for the last seven, that number has dropped.

Last year, we lost the Valley in Fort Morgan. Just as troubling were reports that Hollywood was soon going to demand that all theaters shift to digital projectors. Theaters already send almost all box office receipts to the studios via distributors. From a financial perspective, movies are a break-even attraction for the snack bar, which generates the real income. Adding a sizeable investment to the break-even side is more than some of these small businesses can handle.

So I looked at and asked, is this site still necessary? Most drive-ins have web sites now. Most patrons have cell phones with free long distance. Carload was pretty good for a 20th century web site, but it looks old-fashioned now. I didn't think anyone cared about Carload any more, so I walked away.

Then I started getting emails once in a while. Then more. And even more this past week. That's why Carload is back.

So what should Carload do next?

  • Go Big. Gather the movie listings for more states' drive-ins. Would it be worth the considerable effort?
  • Go News. Round up all the news about drive-ins across America. But anyone who wants this can find it on Google News.
  • Wither. Like an old drive-in, keep the place running at the current level as theaters close one by one (Sterling's Starlite is next).
  • Your better idea. Let me know what you think by sending an email to

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your support.

May 12, 2011

The Valley Drive-In in Fort Morgan announced that it will not reopen this year. The Fort Morgan Times has the full story.

Colorado Area
Drive-In Theaters

Now Open

88, Commerce City, CO

Mesa, Pueblo, CO

Star, Monte Vista, CO

Star, Montrose, CO

TruVu, Delta, CO

Closed for the Season

Holiday Twin, Fort Collins, CO

Closed "Permanently"

Starlite, Sterling, CO

Intact, but Still Closed

Comanche, Buena Vista, CO