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Drive-In Links

The United Drive-In Theater Owners Association is a great resource. It's got a listing of member drive-ins and a huge FAQ listing for the common question: "How can I start my own drive-in?" - an omnibus of information, kept nicely up to date. They recognize your webmaster as the Colorado regional drive-in expert, so they must have something going for them.

The national Drive-In Theater page - my starting point, years ago, for assembling this list of Colorado drive-ins. It's a shame that it looks like it hasn't been update in years. When I visit, it feels like a beloved used bookstore with odd surprises around each corner. Check it out.

The American Drive In Movie Theatre is a site to promote a book, or is it the other way around? It has a fine page on Colorado drive-in history.

Drive-In Theater Workshop - a great, if dated, collection of all the technical information you would ever need to build your own drive-in.

Roadside Peek's drive-in page - I hate to admit the fact that there were a lot better drive-in signs out there than Colorado has these days. Here's a nice collection of drive-in signage from elsewhere.

Drive-In Jim's Drive-In Movie Theatre pages are a collection of satellite photos and topo maps of some drive-in theaters out there. I especially like his Route 66 drive-in info.

Michigan Drive-Ins - a great state-specific resource for all things drive-in in Michigan, even drive-in restaurants.

Movie Review Links

Rotten Tomatoes - These folks assemble all the information I used to try to gather - a survey of reviews, trailers, stills, and much more. My current favorite review site.

Internet Movie Database - the best source to learn more about any older movie, and now they're doing a good job at assembling information about new releases.

Yahoo! Film Titles - Looking for the official (or unofficial) web site for a particular film? This is an excellent place to start.